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Ceramic Pro is not a sealant or a wax, it’s a ceramic coating that forms permanent adhesion to the paint of your vehicle.
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    Its super hydrophobic effect makes any liquid bead up and roll off the surface, encapsulating dirt and grime.

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    Permanent Protection

    The nano particles form a permanent barrier that can only be removed through abrasion like wet sanding.

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    Extreme Gloss

    The protective glass shield will keep the vehicle looking shiny and new.

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    Corrosion and Oxidation Resistant

    Ceramic Pro protects paint and metal from coming into contact with water and oxygen preventing oxidation and corrosion.

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    Hardness above 9H

    The glass coat is above max 9H on the pencil test. The pencil test is used in the coating industry to determine a paints hardness.

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    UV Protection

    With Ceramic Pro your paint won’t fade or age due to the UV protection in the glass coating.

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    Chemical Resistant

    The coating has 100% resistance against damaging contaminants and harsh chemicals.

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    Once cured, the coating provides protection from extreme temperatures ranging from -50 to 2,200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Why should you use ceramic pro?

A strong, protective surface to help prolong and preserve the lifetime appearance of your vehicle.


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