Paint ProtectionPaint Protection

Adding paint protection film to your car’s exterior will keep it shielded from chipping, stains, and scratches. Consider it an investment that protects your investment, saving you the inconvenience of repairing your vehicle after minor damages. Here are some other benefits you will notice once you add paint protection to your car.

Prevent exterior damage

Even occasional driving can leave your car’s paint susceptible to scratches and chips. Over time, you will start to see your car’s exterior show signs of damage if it does not have paint protection on it. Keeping it protected will keep your vehicle looking new and put it on the higher end of its resale value.


There are several types of paint protection available. The professionals at Ceramic Pro use a protectant with an extremely clear and smooth finish, so you will not even know it is there. Applying it is a meticulous process that requires the combined use of heat, alcohol, and soapy water along with immense precision and patience. A high-quality product combined with experienced professionals means a flawless finish.


Urethane film has been used as a protectant on military vehicles for decades. It was initially designed to keep helicopter blades protected from debris in the air since repairing them became too costly. This film protected helicopter blades from damage caused by stones and other debris. When airborne debris did hit the blades, it only damaged the film, which could be easily replaced.

Even race car drivers started used the film to keep their vehicles from getting damaged by dust and gravel. While you may not be driving on terrain as extreme as the military or race car drivers, you can still keep your vehicle just as protected as theirs.


The reason paint protectant is so good at keeping your car looking new is that it has self-healing properties. If it gets scratched, the protectant will slowly smooth itself out.


Paint protection film not only protects against physical damage, but it can also prevent the colour of your paint from changing. Environmental contaminants can cause the exterior of your vehicle to turn brown. A paint barrier stops that from happening.

A splash of gasoline when you are refilling your car can also cause your paint colour to change. But, if you have a coating applied, these spills can easily be wiped off before they cause any discolouration.

Easy cleaning

It is easier, in general, to wash your car and have it looking shiny with a paint protectant. Contaminants wipe off quickly and smoothly, meaning you will not have to put as much effort into scrubbing your car clean. Just remember to wipe off bird droppings and tree sap as they can erode film if left unattended.

Custom installation

While there are pre-cut kits designed by a computer, custom installation is the way to go. You will notice a seamless application since it will be developed and cut by a highly-skilled technician. You will get the best overall coverage – even on wrapped edges. It is especially recommended to go with a custom installation if you have an exotic or classic vehicle that may not have a computer template for your unique car.

If you want to keep your car looking brand new, call Ceramic Pro Mississauga. Our experienced professionals can precisely coat your vehicle in paint protectant film regardless of your vehicle’s paint finish or make.